The 6 UK Banks That Lend to Self-Employed People (And What They Need From You)

UK Self-Employed Mortgage

Today we’re going to keep it simple and tell you exactly which banks (in the UK) lend to self-employed people, and what you’ll need to apply for each in order to get a mortgage. You’ll have questions that range from things like, “How many years’ accounts do I need?” and “What if I have bad credit? Can I still get a mortgage?” and “What documentation / paperwork do I need to apply?”

How to Fix a Blog (That Even Your Mother Won’t Read)


Today you’re going to learn the real reasons your customers aren’t reading your blog – or at least not at the volume you’d like. And that’s because you haven’t; curated the information they want, set it up to be found in the way they’re actually looking for it, and captured their contact information so that you can communicate with them again.

How to Retire as a Millionaire (On An Average Salary)

Investing Secrets

I’m going to share an investing secret of self-made millionaires today that I hope many of you will be able to action into your daily lives. And if you succeed at doing so, you’ll find over time that you’ve managed to grow a significant amount of money for your retirement and/or your own personal freedom.

The New Rules of the Self-Employed Mortgage Game

UK Self-Employed Mortgage

Since the real estate recession ended in March 2009, and the new Mortgage Market Review (MMR) rules came into place in 2014, it’s become a lot more difficult to get a mortgage when you’re self-employed. But it’s not impossible; not by a long shot. You just need to know the new rules of the self-employed mortgage game. And that’s what I’m going to share with you today.