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The 5 Step Self-Employed Mortgage

Are you self-employed and looking for a mortgage? HNW’s free guide can show you how to quickly check and repair your credit, the best way to present your finances, the six UK lenders to consider first, and the top brokers and accountants who specialise in this area.

Retire A Millionaire, On An Average Wage

Do you want to retire as a millionaire, but don’t think you can on an average salary? All successful investing depends on what’s called “compound interest” yet most people will never make use of it. HNW reveals the investing secrets of the millionaires who do.

How Blogs Can Make You Real Money

How nice would it be if you knew how to profit from your website or blog? The internet is now a goldmine for those willing to try and make it more accessible. HNW lays out a comprehensive “affiliate marketing” process designed to help you make money while you sleep.

Startups (Batteries Not Included)

How do you build yourself out of working for someone else and into an entrepreneur? It starts with what you know and focusing your frustration into ideas. HNW reveals the process and pitfalls aspiring entrepreneurs go through to launch an online business built for growth.

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If you're serious about creating more long-term sustainable wealth, then you've come to the right place
Helping entrepreneurs and investors to build their High Net World

While HNW started life as bi-monthly business title in 2010, the company has since evolved into a hub for aspiring entrepreneurs and investors who are committed to building revenue streams and growing their wealth.

We offer regular insights about money and investing, repairing credit and personal finance issues, along with a complimentary range of free step-by-step guides.

HNW's how-to guides help entrepreneurs and investors to retire as millionaires, deliver sustainable online income, effectively check and repair credit, and help secure funding for mortgages and business ideas when they're self-employed.

Start building your High Net World here at HNW, where opportunity knocks for you.

  • For Self-Employed Mortgages

    See our unique 5 step guide that shows you step-by-step how to get a mortgage when you're a contractor, freelancer or self-employed

  • Retire As A Millionaire

    Check out our free guide that walks you through how to retire as a millionaire when you're on an average salary, and the secrets of successful money management

  • How Blogs Make Real Money

    Our free online income guide lays out a comprehensive affiliate marketing process that's designed to help you make money while you sleep

  • Building An Entrepreneur

    HNW’s free guide New Entrepreneurs: Batteries Not Included reveals how aspiring entrepreneurs launch an online business that’s built for growth.

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